Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Sporadic Access Denied Messages with Team Explorer Everywhere Running on Linux Host

Hello again! I’ve since moved on from TFS stuff (working in our data center as a systems architect), but the other day I was brought back in to look at a few things. Fortunately enough, through I’ve forgotten nearly everything, I haven’t lost some good relationships with folks that are still very involved in TFS/TEE and was able t bounce off some ideas and boil this issues down.

Basically, there was a group on Linux that kept sporadically getting the following two errors when using the TEE Command Line client and doing "get" calls.  After thinking about it a bit over an afternoon cup of coffee, I kind of felt might be due to erroneously sending our calls out through the http proxy. These are internal calls so they shouldn’t be going out through the proxy.

An argument error occurred: The workspace 'surlyfurious-bdmac;domain\myaccount' was found in the local workspace cache, but it no longer exists on the server. It has been removed from the cache.


An error occurred: Access denied connecting to TFS server http://mytfs:8080/ (authenticating as domain\myaccount)

While in their profile they set -string:httpProxyEnabled=false, they were still getting these errors. This left us a bit dumfounded.

After talking with a good friend in MS who works on TEE (and Teamprise before that), he suggested we remove the http_profile environment setting on the host. We simple removed this value from the users .profile (.bashrc in their case) and then logged out and back in.

So far these errors have went away. We’ll let this bake for a few more days, but things are looking much better. My guess is that while we’re setting -string:httpProxyEnabled=false in our profile, the system wide http_proxy setting was overriding this. And since we didn’t have a no_proxy value set (we should have), everything was getting routed out.