Thursday, December 27, 2007

Teamprise 3.0 Preview Release #1

If you use Teamprise, which you should if you want a great cross platform tool, you'll want to check out the Teamprise 3.0 Preview Release that just came out. 3.0 has a number of nice features like check in policies, Team Build integration and recursive compare that you'll want to take advantage of. Contact support for details.

I've played around mostly with the recursive compare and sent them the following feedback.

  • When you "Compare" source tree (e.g. $/TeamProject) to local workspace (e.g. c:\my_development) the Compare tool you setup under Tools > Preferences > Compare Tools is not used when you double click on a file. Should it be? I noticed that when I compare file to file, the compare tool I selected is used.

  • Maybe just a personal preference, but I notice that other tree structure diff tools (e.g. TreeDiff for Team Explorer or Beyond Compare, or even Source Gear's DiffMerge) they use a common format where location #1 is on the Left Hand Side and location #2 is on the Right Hand Side. I think something like that would be more familiar than the single Structure Compare window like 3.0 preview #1 has now.

  • It might be nice to add some of the Source Control functions in the compare window. For example if you see a file has changed, but is not checked out, the user can Right Click and say Check out for Edit. I think VSS had this and the TFS Power Tools Tree Difference has this as well.

  • Along with the bullet right above is might be nice to have some Source Control meta-data with the files. Like maybe show if they are checked out or not.

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