Monday, June 30, 2008

Bug in TfsAdminUtil Status

While practicing hardware moves for both the App Tier and Data Tier, we're making use of the TfsAdminUtil command. We've had some issues with this tool. Mainly around really bad error message reporting. It seems like you can get the error "ERROR: TF55020: Could not access database." for any number of reasons. No other help is provided (e.g. "Check to make sure the Team Foundation Server App Pools and Site are up and running"). I'll try to gather some of the possible causes and solutions when I get some more time.

While trying to track down the root cause of this error, we made use of the "Status" switch. Below is what came back. You can see that Status says no Windows services are running as our TFSReports account. However, in the window you can see that "SQL Server Reporting Services" most certainly is running as TFSReports. I think this might be a bug in the tool, which given the poor error message handling, would not surprise me.


Buck Hodges said...

The error message is indeed incorrect. We've fixed this for the next release.



P.S. While I saw this blog post, the best way to report these issues is via (unless you need a hotfix, in which case you would need to contact customer support).

Mac Noland said...

Thanks Buck! Also, thanks for the connect reference. I've used it a few times and probably should more often when I bump into things.

Hope all is well!