Tuesday, July 03, 2007

SQL 2005 SP2 and TFS RTM

July 2007 - We're running our Data Tier in a cluster and thus unable to upgrade to TFS SP1, as until lately TFS SP1's install was not supported on a clustered Data Tier. They have that fixed now, but since we're running fine in PROD, we've decided to wait for Orcus before we upgrade. With the amount of time we spent on getting TFS RTM running, we want to use the product and not continue to troubleshoot it.

We started off with SQL 2005 SP1 (plus a number of hot fixes that the DBAs take care of). For a reason unknown to me (probably just consistency in our data center) the DBAs wanted to upgrade to SQL 2005 SP2 (plus a number of hot fixes). We were a little nervous about this as according to Mr. Harry, they run MSSQL 2005 SP2, but also TFS SP1 (see link).

We got confirmation from our sales engineer that Microsoft was able to test the SQL 2005 SP2 and TFS RTM configuration and everything looks good. We've updated our DEV environment and can confirm that we've not run into any issues. We're planning on upgrading our PROD environment in two weeks.

If your DBAs are looking to get you to SQL 2005 SP2 and you're still running TFS RTM like us, feel free to upgrade SQL 2005 as it's worked fine so far.

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