Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Source Control Usability improvements for Team Explorer and Teamprise - Part 2

Here are some additional observations from end users.

- Diff files at check in

A few users have commented that they like VSS's "Diff" option at check in. I argued that there was not such a function, but then I tried it out and sure enough, that is a nice feature. I've used it a couple of times and found it valuable.

- Show Deleted files in Teamprise

I think this is something that is coming in the future, but I've had one or two users asking why their VS.NET colleague can see deleted files and they can't.

- Undo you check out, but keep changes

In VSS users can "Undo Check Out" and choose "Leave" local changes. As of right now, I think users are making full backups of files as when they do "Undo Pending Changes" their local files are replaced with the server files. Now you could argue VSS gave the user too much flexibility, but I'm not here to argue, I'm must relying information back from what users are doing. Personally, I think providing a "Leave" function is fine like VSS does today.

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Scooter said...

I liked undo check out. There were times when I had a bunch of files out on a smaller project and decided, "this is all very wrong, but I don't want to lose what I did wrong, but I don't want it to be in source control for the next release". But you can do the same thing working on a separate copy, and the ability to do that really throws off the metrics you collect on code churn, etc. There's obviously work being done, but if you can undo the check out and keep your old copy because you think the changes are eventually going to be of use, you've lost the metrics that detail when the code was modified (sort of like pushing your timecard hours to the next month).