Friday, March 14, 2008

Check out SdcTasks

We've taken a mass adoption of the SdcTasks found on Codeplex. When comparing MSBuild to Ant, I've always been disappointed with the Core tasks in MSBuild. The default list seems to be limited. NOTE: I have not done a task for task comparison, but only a cursory compare.

The limited task set in MSBuild is what has really excited me about SdcTasks. There is a ton of stuff in this add in. Want to talk to Active Directory, Email, or talk to SQL? Take a look at SdcTasks for help.

Since I'm lazy, I'd like to see these rolled into the standard install for Team Build or MSBuild.


FreeToDev said...
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FreeToDev said...

Great to hear you are finding the tasks useful.

A minor update has been published to CodePlex.

Expect a significant release in May 08