Friday, June 20, 2008

Ant and TFS 2008

Yesterday estrada pinged me on how we build Java projects in TFS 2008. If you remember, I wrote an article a while back (about a year ago) on how we did it with TFS 2005.

My current group has written a custom MSBuild task to call Ant scripts. I would prefer to use Teamprise Build Extensions, but I joined this group late and they had already had much of the infrastructure written. We do some custom things like write writing Junit tests back to TFS. I don't believe Teamprise Build Extensions has that functionality though I could be wrong.

Anyway, my recommendation for calling Ant scripts with TFS 2008 would be to use Teamprise Build Extensions. The setup instructions are great and it's a nice, easy, way to get setup and running.

Let me know how it goes!


Martin Woodward said...


The TFS 2008 extension should certainly be posting JUnit test results back. The TFS 2005 one wasn't able to, but we can now. Be worth taking a look at the (open source) code for the Teamprise Build Extensions and seeing how similar they are to your current task.



Mac Noland said...

Hey Martin! Well to be honest, I didn't realize you added so much functionality! I'll have to take a peak!

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin and Mac -

This is definitly something that our group could use too. I'll be curious to know what you discover Mac.