Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Waiting for version updates to finish..."

Last week we noticed a colleague's Teamprise hanging at the end of a Get Latest Version. The message was something along the line of "Waiting for version updates to finish...". Unfortunately on my local machine, everything worked as expected. Typical I guess.

Anyway, I was playing around with the VPC image developers (and the person having trouble) use and noticed that ** was not listed in the Eclipse proxy exclusion list. It is my belief, if ** is not added, you'll also get the strange "Waiting for version updates to finish..." behavior, and possibly other network related issues. In addition, Teamprise has a good article titled TKB00021 Diagnosing Common Connection Problems that also provides help with connection issues.

To properly set your proxy settings in Eclipse, you can go to Window > Preferences > General > Network Connections and add ** to your "No Proxy for:" host list. There is also a short cut in Teamprise if you hit a wall during the initial Import.

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