Friday, August 01, 2008

Question Marks "?" on files in Teamprise

A colleague of mine summoned me over to his desk. He had question marks "?" on all the files he checked out from the Teamprise Plug-in and was wondering why.

Typically I see files with question marks on them when the user has changed the file permissions without checking the file out. Teamprise, not knowing what the status of the file is (as I would expect), labels the file with a small question mark indicating that something has changed, but its not sure what. Or something like that.

However, in this case the user had promised me the files were checked out. He had the Pending Changes to prove it.

I did a quick search and after digging through a couple of my old posts, I found Martin's post Teamprise V2 Preview 2 where he discusses better off-line support. It's here he states "When you next connect, all the read/write files will have a little question mark on them inside Eclipse."

Now the user is using Teamprise 3.0, but my thought is this "question mark" behavior was not changed until 3.1, which by the way is what I’m using. He's been having a number of network issues so my guess is that his network connection was dropped thus resulting in Teamprise 3.0 to go into "off-line" mode. Once he was back online, he would have needed to run "Team > Synchronize" to synch back up with the server. This is exactly what we did and the question marks were changed back into check-marks indicating check out.

I couldn't reproduce this as I think Teamprise changed the behavior in 3.1. If I get sometime next week, I'm going to rollback my Teamprise version to 3.0, check out some files, drop my network connection and see if I can reproduce the error. Or more likely, simply upgrade him to 3.1!

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