Friday, October 24, 2008

Team Companion

I'm actually on vacation today, but wanted to share this. So the business and management folks don't like to use an IDE when using TFS. Turns out even going to TSWA is a struggle for some.

My colleague was doing some digging and came across Team Companion, which is a TFS plug-in to Outlook. We've been piloting it for a few weeks. The users most likely to never use TFS, have been enthralled with having Work Items within their Outlook. From what I hear, they can't say enough great things about it. We're actually getting people interested in normalizing the paper work behind software development.

If you're having a hard time getting management and business folks working in TFS, give Team Companion a try. With TFS being embedded in the only software package they use (i.e. Outlook), TFS becomes even more critical in our business process.

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