Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Teamprise’s “Show the New Project ….” Feature

If a user Imports a folder from Source Control via Teamprise’s Eclipse plug-in, the plug-in will look for a server copy or local copy of the .project file. If that file is found, it’s used for the project creation EVEN if you select the “Show the New Project ….” select button. This becomes troublesome when a user walks through the import wizard, completes the import, then realizes they wanted to use the “Show New Project ….” feature in Teamprise. If they delete the Project from Eclipse, but don’t delete the local .project file (created during the first import), subsequent imports will always default to the local .project file, EVEN if the user selects the “Show the New Project ….”.

I can see both sides of almost everything, however, I think the “Show the New Project ….” select option should override the fact that a local or server .project file is found. Or at a minimum, a warning should be tossed to the user. I think this would have saved my good friends downstairs a headache or two!


Martin Woodward said...

Thanks for the feedback - good point.

Mac Noland said...

Hey Martin! Good to hear from you! Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

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