Tuesday, March 23, 2010

“A version of Microsoft Visual Studio that is incompatible with this one”

A trusted colleague of mine recently tried to open a VS 2008 solution on his machine. When going to File – Source Control – Open from Source Control and double clicking on the Solution File, he got the message "the project [solution name] cannot be opened from source control because it was created by a version of Microsoft Visual Studio that is incompatible with this one."

We first though it was that he didn’t have VS 2008 SP1 installed. (I have SP1 installed and it worked fine for me.) However, even after installing VS 2008 SP1 he continued to have the problem.

We’re not sure what was corrupted, but after deleting his workspace and recreating it, the error went away. So it must have been a corrupted workspace, or something along those lines, that caused the issue.

It’s funny in technology how often, when in doubt, nuke and pave works.


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