Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Team Explorer Everywhere Options for Users Wanting a Standalone Client

We’ve had some users who have shied away from using Eclipse plug-ins and have become comfortable with Teamprise Explorer (aka Fat Client). When Team Explorer Everywhere (TEE) was launched, Microsoft discontinued delivering the Fat Client. Thus, those users have continued to use Teamprise. We’d like to get those users cut over so Brian has showed a pretty good work around that should work for these users. Here is what we sent to our teams:

If you’re used to using the Teamprise Explorer for development, here are some options you have when migrated to Team explorer Everywhere (TEE).

1) Switch to using the TEE plug-in in Eclipse.
2) Use the free Team Explorer plug-in to the free Visual Studio 2010 shell. (This only works for Windows users)
3) Per Brian Harry’s post, use the Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary standalone client.

If you decide to go with the last option, here are some general instructions for using the Eclipse Platform Runtime Binaries.

1) Download and install Eclipse Platform Runtime Binary- Install TEE
2) Window Show View Other Team Foundation Server Team Explorer
3) In the Team Explorer panal, select the Add Existing Team Project dialog button
4) Add your server and connection information
5) Select Team Projects you’re involved with
6) Double click on Source Control to get the friendly Source Control tree view
7) Get yourself a cup of hot coffee


Unknown said...

Hi Mac - the other night I wrote up a pretty detailed walkthrough of setting up the stand-alone client here:


Hope it helps,


hardkog said...


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