Thursday, June 07, 2007

Automatic Checkout with Teamprise

June 2007 - I'm doubt this posting will help anyone in trouble, but I thought that I'd post it anyways as I think it's a pretty cool feature. One of the really nice things I like about Teamprise's Eclipse Plug-in is how you can open up a file, start to edit it while Teamprise automatically checks the file out for you.

Unfortunately I don't see this feature in Team Explorer. In Team Explorer I find myself making a few changes, clicking Save and getting the "Save As, Overwrite, Cancel" button. I then "Overwrite" the file, check it out, and check it in. With my math, Teamprise saves you at least two clicks with the automatic check out. Below is a high level (very high level) workflow.

Teamprise Eclipse Plug-in
Open file (click 1)
Save file (click 2)
Check in (click 3)

Team Explorer
Open file (click 1)
Save file (click 2)
Overwrite file (click 3)
Check out file (click 4)
Check in file (click 5)

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