Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Code Coverage Analysis Service" in Stopped Status

June 2007 - We've been looking into an "issue" of our "Code Coverage Analysis Service" service sitting in a "Stopped" state in both our DEV and PROD environments. Our Sys Admins alerted us of the potential "issue" as they were getting paged every time the service stopped. I'm not 100% sure how their monitoring works, but from what I understand they are paged when ever a service set to "Automatic" stops. Once these servers went out of maintenance mode, the Sys Admin pagers wouldn’t stop buzzing!

When starting the service we'd periodically get a message stating "The Code Coverage Analysis service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance logs and Alerts service." So the Sys Admins set the service to "Manual" until we got this figured out.

While working with Microsoft support on a different issue we asked about the service being stopped. According to our support representative this is normal behavior. Apparently other services do this as well. I'm surprised our Sys Admins never ran into it before given we run over a thousand Windows boxes.

Anyway the services are put back to "Automatic" and the Sys Admins have excluded this particular service from their "Started/Stopped" monitoring.

I'd be interested to see if anyone has similar experiences.

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Accidental Pirate said...

Your words could have been mine!
I have exactly the same problem with this service. At first I assumed it was a normal behaviour and closed the incident I had recieved but our monitoring team kept complaining about being paged. Obviously the service is set to "automatic" to make sure it gets loaded everytime the server is started but it then goes dormant until called for. I will try your example and set it to manual. This way we can still get errors reported through our monitoring software but not just because it starts and stops.
Hav you seen any problems with that sollution?