Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Does TFS support Java code?"

One of the most common questions I get from managers of J2EE development groups is, "Does TFS support Java code?" To the untrained eye, this is a valid question as most managers are a bit removed from their coding days.

Those of us in the know though, we understand that most development languages are written in ASCII based files. In Java, for example, we write our code in .java files which are ASCII based. TFS versions them just fine. Just like it would Perl, Python, C++/C, etc. And even if you write in some format that spits out a binary file, TFS would version them just fine as well. Though, like all Source Control tools, not quite as efficient.

To TFS, a ASCII file is an ASCII file. TFS knows nothing of J2EE and to be honest, does not care. I know most of you all understand this, but I wanted to drop a note as it's a common question we get from non-technical folks.

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