Monday, October 29, 2007

"Application Not Found" in Team Explorer

A user in my group was getting "Application Not Found" when clicking on any attachment using the Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2005. The error was fixed when we (actually Desktop Support) changed the user's default browser from Firefox to Internet Explorer.

Because I'm curious, I changed my default browser to Firefox but was unable to repeat the error on my machine. I got a prompt from Firefox asking me what program to open the file with. My guess is, the user's Firefox settings are a bit off.

Anyway if you do get "Application Not Found", you may want to see what the default browser is and see if changing it to IE will fix it.

In other news, another person blamed firewall settings. You can find that potential solution here.

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Br.Bill said...

This is a known issue with Win7 and Vista. Sometimes, but only sometimes, after installing Firefox you get this problem. You can fix the problem and also have Firefox as your default browser:

1) Quit Firefox.
2) Load IE and make it your default browser.
3) Quit IE.
4) Load Firefox and make it your default browser.

Problem solved.