Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Culture name 'en-securid' is not supported. Parameter name: name"

A user in England was getting the error "Culture name 'en-securid' is not supported. Parameter name: name" when accessing Team System Web Access 1.0. I asked Google and Live. No luck.

I then started to dig. In IE if you click Tools > Internet Options > Languages.. you'll see the Language Preference dialog. The user with the issue only had "User Defined [en-securid]" listed. They added "English (United States) [en-us]" right below "User Defined [en-securid]", but still got the error. We then had them Move Up "English (United States) [en-us]" to the top value, click Ok > Ok and the error was resolved.

If you run into a similar error, give this a shot and let me know how it goes.


Unknown said...

Your users should go with en-gb, it is what I use and is the Queen's English after all ;-)

You should report this one as a bug in connect - the localization stuff should default to "en" if it cannot find the exact form, i.e. "en-securd" rather than throwing an error.


Mac Noland said...

Hi Martin! Yes I suppose I should stop trying to show my U.S. bias and have the user change to their native tong.

I'll also submit this has a Bug in connect and post the link after I'm finished.

Mac Noland said...

Bug is submitted with MS.