Monday, October 15, 2007

"Connection Failed" in our Webex Training files for TFS

This is not really related to TFS, but I wanted to write it down someplace so when I have to do it again (hopefully never) I know where to look. We use a lot of Webex when training users on TFS. Showing a user something rather than writing up a long-winded email, seems to work better.

Anyway, we (actually our server support folks) just got our Webex Website server setup. It's nothing more than a simply web server running IIS 6.0. Unfortunately we were getting a "Connection Failed" error when launching the WRF files. In the past we had just a simple file share and the WRF files launched right away. After reading this post from Experts Exchange, we found that we had to add a MIME type of WRF. Once we did this, the WRF files fired right up. Below are the steps for setting this up in IIS 6.0.

1) Right Click on Website and select Properties
2) Click on HTTP Headers
3) Select MIME Types at the bottom
4) Select New
5) Enter "wrf" (no quotes) for the Extension and "application/octet-stream" (no quotes) for the MIME Type
6) Ok, Ok, Ok,
7) Restart Website. Not sure if this is needed, but it's always a good step to take with Microsoft products.

* Here is another site we used for reference.

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