Friday, September 05, 2008

"Find in Source Control"

It's fall which means all the interns from MIT, University of Wisconsin and University of Minnesota (I'm an alumni) head back to school.  It's also time for us full time employees to pick up the messes they left.

For me, their messes usually include having thousands of files checked out in TFS (or VSS back when we used that).  In the past, I just deleted their workspace from a command line.  That works pretty well and to be honest, should be the way we do this.

However, my colleague showed me a really cool feature called "Find in Source Control" where you can search on a person's ID to see all their pending changes.  Then you can undo them from there from a nice gui.  Works great when you've got some lead engineer breathing down your neck because they can't update source code because some intern had an exclusive lock on the file.  Nice feature Microsoft.  Keep up the good work.

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Martin Woodward said...

The (free) TFS Sidekicks from Attrice are great for this sort of thing - especially the Workspace sidekick.

If the developers have left the team then you probably are better to delete the workspace. Not only does it remove the locks it means TFS doesn't have to remember that they had version 42 of foobar.cs on their machine freeing up space in the TFS database.