Thursday, September 25, 2008

Manually Adding Files to Pending changes in Teamprise's Plug-in

There have been a few times recently when users have added files in Eclipse, but the files were not picked up by Teamprise's Eclipse Plug-in as a Pending Change.  If this happens, the new file will have a "?" on it.  It's one of those incidents that we can't seem to reproduce, but happens ever so often.  It also seems to happen to a small subset of users.

If you run into this problem, a work around is to manually add the files.  I'm doing this from memory so the steps might be slightly off.  However, I think it's close.

  1. Show the Team Explorer Panel in Eclipse.  Window > View > Teamprise > Team Explorer.
  2. Make sure your Team Project is selected and expand it.  There you will see Source Control.
  3. Double click on Source Control.
  4. In Source Control, path yourself down to the correct directory where the files were indented to be added.
  5. Right Click on the directory you're wanting to add the file to and say "Add Files to Source Control" (or something like that).
  6. Now select the files that were not added by the plug-in.
  7. Back in Eclipse's Package Explorer (or what ever view you're using), Right Click > Team > Synchronize.
  8. The Synchronize command should now make the "?" files show up as "+" files and thus added to your Pending Changes.

Hope this helps anyone who runs into a similar situation.


Martin Woodward said...


I'd love to find out more about this if is happening regularly for your users. Also, if this happens again try pressing refresh on the pending changes view and see if that helps?

Can you make sure any user with this issue is using the latest version of the plug-in as well?

In the meantime, we're going to try and see if we can replicate the issue here.

Many thanks,


Mac Noland said...

No problems Martin. It's odd as it seems to be one or two users who have the most issues with this. The one user is upgrading his plug-in to 3.1.2 as we speak. I'll check in with the other user to make sure he gets upgraded as well.