Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Firefox authentication issue resolved

The good folks at Microsoft reached out to use to see if they could get more information on the Firefox troubles we've been having. That request forced to look into the Firefox issues a bit, and as it turned out I think we have the primary problem resolved on both Windows and Linux.

Here is what we found out; we use a proxy server for the entire company. Because of the proxy we have a defined inclusion list in IE that tells IE and Visual Studio to not go through the proxy for internal sites. We use *.int.mycompany.com*. If you're wondering why the trailing "*" is there, check out this post. This list is company wide and managed by the support folks.

Since Firefox is not "company supported" they don't send out an inclusion list so people build their own. This is typically done by just copying what IE has. When the users copied IE, they got *.int.mycompany.com*. By the looks of it though, Firefox handles the list a bit different and was giving the consistent "Authentication Prompt" as the page rendered. To fix the issue, we needed just *.int.mycompany.com without the trailing "*".

So far this has worked with the small body of users we've had try it. Now that we have this fixed, we might have some more users go back to Firefox and test it out more.

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