Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Port Issue Fixed in TFS 2008 Install

When we installed TFS 2005 we had a nasty issue getting it installed on a different port (i.e. 8888). The default (i.e. 8080) was consumed by a data center wide service (some raid copy service I'm told) and the fine data support folks were reluctant to change it just for us. Being I like standardization, I could not argue with them.

So after a few days and numerous calls to support, they told us installing TFS 2005 to a different port was impossible. See here for a work around, if you're ever so unfortunate.

Luckily they have this fixed in TFS 2008. Or at least their install documentation says it's fixed. See the section "How to Customize the Port Assignment for Team Foundation Server" for instructions.

FYI: If you're adamant in putting TFS on 8080 and need to figure out what is consuming 8080, try the command "netstat -ano". From here you should be able to find out what process is using 8080 (or any other port for that matter).

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