Thursday, January 31, 2008

Odd Behavior for Workspace Mappings

Say you have the following Team Project Source Control structure. 1.0 under "releases" is the 1.0 branched version of the mainline.


Then set your workspace mapping up like this.

$/TeamProject/mainline --> c:\Development
$/TeamProject/releases/1.0/src --> c:\Development

Then do a Get on $/TeamProject/mainline/src. You'll find that $/TeamProject/mainline/src will show "Not downloaded" under the column "Latest" while the "release" branch will show "Yes" under the column "Latest."

I can actually kind of understand why this behaves like it does. The deepest mapping is honored. However, it's kind of odd that you do a "Get" on mainline and the "release" branch is what is Got.

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