Thursday, January 24, 2008

TFS and Teamprise slides are posted

Last week I gave a presentation to the Minnesota Visual Studio User Group on our adoption of TFS and Teamprise for a J2EE development group. If you're interested in getting the slides, you can find them here under "Mac Noland Teamprise-TFS presentation".

To be honest, I've never downloaded many presentations so by no means feel that I'm forcing these upon you. However, if you're thinking about implementing TFS in a Java shop, you may be interested in some of our information.


csteadman said...

Thanks for posting the presentation, Mac. That was great information on the processes of TFS adoption and helpful to understand some of the perspective from Eclipse which we don't use here. I just did a TFS demo for some TTA folks who do use Eclipse so I was able to send them your presentation to help answer their questions.

Mac Noland said...

Glad it helped!

I really like the Eclipse plug-in and use it quite often. Others that don't feel comfortable being pluged into the source, prefer the stand alone client (i.e. Teamprise Explorer). Both are nice offerings.