Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm basically an End User

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately. Basically, I've turned into an end user of TFS. How far the mighty falls. At one time I was the first person to bring TFS into a company of 35,000 people and administer the only TFS instance. My calendar was filled with demonstrations to both Directors and Vice Presidents. Now we have five or six implementations and I'm back to being a simple grunt. Which to be honest is probably where I belong.

While I don't do much TFS administration anymore (at least right now), I do offer my expertise. Like just yesterday a "Scrum Leader" asked the person administering TFS how hard it would be to not default the Current User to the Assigned To for our Bug Work Item. I gave a nod of encouragement indicating it would be a simple change.

We have ordered new hardware for my current group's instance though and I'm sure I'll get involved as we lay out the topology and do the migration. In the mean time, I'll just set back and enjoy TFS as an end user while I work on our deployment strategy.

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