Monday, February 25, 2008

TFS Statistics Query

A while back Brian posted on the SQL commands he uses to pull the Dogfood statistics. I seem to always lose this posting so I thought to write it down so I can quickly look it up on my blog.

I used most of them this morning on our TFS 2008 server and all the ones I took worked just fine. My "Scrum Master" (and yes I do bow before him), wants our numbers pulled every iteration which for us is two weeks.

Compared to my old group, we've got some pretty small numbers. For example, my old group had close to 10,000 changesets while this group only has just short of 800. But even though the numbers are small, I enjoy looking at them.

Anyway, if you need the queries to pull your own numbers, which I think you should, see Brian's post. Enjoy!

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